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Assassin 8 Cast

The main cast for Assassin 8!

Max haig assassin8 2

The hero, Assassin No. 8 is the 8th iteration in F.O.R.C.E's advanced cyber-soldier program and the most advanced artificial being in existence. He, along with his comrades, fights to protect the world of the future.

Max haig assassin8 poses

No. 8 rough details.

Max haig red

A mysterious and attractive ex-special forces operative turned freedom fighter, Red is as deadly as she is beautiful. No one is quite sure of her real name or her past. All that is certain is that nothing will get in the way of her and her goal.

Max haig iron knight

A powerful vigilante going by the alias Iron Knight. He fights against the evil corporations that took
everything from him and his family.

Max haig zygote

An abortion, literally. Heir Zygote is an undeveloped humanoid encased in a highly advanced prosthetic frame. He is the CEO of Embryon Cybernetic Industries and commands great wealth and power in world of the future.

Max haig skull

The incarnation of death itself and wilder of unimaginable power, General skull is a mighty and imposing being and is virtually unstoppable. Single minded in his lust for death, General Skull is hell bent on destroying all reality.